How To Choose The Right Weed For You

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: Feb 19, 2021


To help you evaluate quality and make the best decision, here there are some critical points you cannot ignore to have the best choice;

• Smell

Quality Cannabis buds which are well-grown smell pungent and identifiable like slightly sweet; alfalfa or hay smelling buds are most probably inferior. To choose a potency content, make sure about pungency.

• Color

Buds in brown are not qualified to be picked; green buds are the best ones. The range can range from darker forest green to lighter frosty greens. Make sure to pick buds from healthy plants; if they are in yellow, tan, rusty, red or brown, they are most probably from an unhealthy plant.


• Trimming

In comparison to machine-trimmed buds, hand-trimmed ones are in better quality to be picked; avoid buds with excessive leaves or buds trimmed in a wrong way.

• Trichomes

Trichomes are easily seen on the surface of the buds as the visible crystals. Densely packed with ripe trichomes buds are the best ones. Buds which are not looking frosty are not proper choices.

• Structure

For you to have the best choice regarding the structure avoid choosing ones with open and loose structures; be alert about Indica buds which are dense and tight and fluffier ones called Sativa.

• Pests

Free of pests and mold buds are the best ones; so, make sure to look carefully to pick ones well-harvested.

• Hermaphroditic traits

Well-grown can be produced only by female cannabis plants; male plants produce pollen sacks you will suffer smoking. Avoid cannabis with seeds. We wish you a pleasant smoke!!!