7 Best Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz
Ray SHakuri

Ray Shakuri

Updated on 04-01-2021

Millions of people were shut out of pubs, restaurants and theatres by the global coronavirus pandemic; however, it was a surprising boost for the cannabis industry. This is attributable to the fact that cannabis delivery services have gained popularity due to COVID-19. According to Best Weed Delivery Santa Cruz, Santa Crux has had multiple delivery services, each with an average of several menu items, including flowers, extracts, edibles, and more, for five years since recreational marijuana was legalized in California.

The best choice, if you are one of the discreet users, is the online cannabis dispensary. At the same time, the comfort of having cannabis products shipped right to your doorstep can not be matched. Receiving a delivery is one of the many hospitality dispensaries are proud of. Not all cannabis delivery services are the same; however, it is better to consider which ones provide the highest quality weed and the best delivery service.

Read on this article as I have highlighted the best weed delivery Santa Cruz.

Why Choose Bud.com for Weed Delivery Santa Cruz?

I have visited many cities in California over the past couple of years, including Santa Cruz. Luckily, I can count on Bud.com to be the best Santa Cruz marijuana delivery service.

Bud.com provides cannabis distribution in Santa Cruz to a wide variety of locations. They know and are really helpful with what they are talking about. For their product offerings, I love Bud because they have a good selection of bud strains, and they also concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

If you’re in Santa Cruz and wonder what the best marijuana delivery service is, it’s hard to go wrong with Bud.com. Order their flower grown in-house or try other cannabis items like vapes, edibles and pre-rolls

Top 7 Weed Delivery Santa Cruz Services

Here is the top 7 weed delivery Santa Cruz:


Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

It’s hard to go wrong with Bud.com if you’re in Santa Cruz and wonder what cannabis delivery service is the best. Many cannabis products such as herb, pre-roll joints, vape cartridges, and edibles are available from their menu. Bud.com teams with several different marijuana vendors, unlike most delivery service. This implies a great selection at a fair price.

Bud.com provide Santa Cruz areas with flowers, cartridges, edibles, extracts, and pre-rolls through discreet deliveries to give you relaxing evenings and restful nights. To round out their offers, they also have whole plants, topicals, & cool merchandise. Presently, Bud is giving customers over 65 years of age a 5 percent discount. Based on where they are located, best weed delivery Santa Cruz US military veterans also enjoy a 5-10 percent discount.  Additionally, depending on your order number, all first orders receive a variable discount.

Overall, Bud is the ideal online shop in Santa Cruz for all of your same-day cannabis delivery needs.

Visit Bud.com

Santa Cruz Naturals

Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Any delivery service, marijuana or otherwise, is about convenience. Without having to leave, you can have products arrive at your home easily. The 24-hour service is even more convenient.

Santa Cruz Natural is your best bet if you are in Santa Cruz and need a speedy 24-hour cannabis delivery service. Santa Cruz Naturals, a landmark in Santa Cruz Cannabis’s history, continues to lead the charge in supplying the Santa Cruz region with the finest locally produced cannabis and cannabis products. best weed delivery Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Naturals serves medicinal and recreational customers and remains the county’s only licensed Clean Green Dispensary. Although Santa Cruz offers the same wide range of goods as other delivery services, they also compensate for it by providing a fast delivery time. That means you can simply put in an order and obtain it as soon as possible.

Visit Santa Cruz Naturals


Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Budee is a cannabis dispensary in Santa Cruz that offers medicinal & recreational weed products. They bring flowers, edible concentrates, vape pens, topicals, and vape equipment to Santa Cruz people. They are a massive online weed store, with a large service concentration in Santa Cruz, that delivers all over the county. The massive inventory, of 412 items from 44 different brands, is a big explanation for this. The flowers of Budee range from the most common strains like Lemon Jack, Sour Diesel, and Super Glue to lesser-known ones like Two Tigers and Napali Pink.

They have various alternatives at the same time, such as infused beverages, tablets, and tinctures. Budee is presently offering free delivery across Santa Cruz without a minimum order number. You may order delivery for the next day via their 90-minute express delivery service or schedule a delivery. You can also monitor your order before you receive it, as Budee uses third-party delivery services. Their customer service personnel also directs you to select the best weed products that suit your needs.

Overall, for those searching for a wide variety of cannabis items, Budee is an excellent marijuana distribution shop.

Visit Budee


Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

Give CannaCruz a try if you’re trying to get stoned in Santa Cruz. CannaCruz is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary that delivers solely in the Santa Cruz region. The store was first opened in 2014 and has continued to meet Santa Cruz folks’ needs for cannabis delivery. At the moment, they are focused on both medical and recreational cannabis products.

CannaCruz is well renowned because of its exclusive flower lineup. Sugar Cone, Forbidden Gushers, Firestorm, and the strong Banana Split are some of the lesser-known, but equally good strains. They have 44 flower strains in total. CannaCruz also stocks flower substitutes such as concentrates, edibles, topicals, and vape pens. They also have a lot of vape varieties, with 98 distinct choices for clients to pick from.

CannaCruz has incorporated different cannabis eCommerce services into its delivery network over the years. Though they do not have a delivery service of their own, you can get your products delivered through Weedmaps, Sticky Guide, and Treez. Overall, if you are looking to stock up on tasty edibles and high-quality concentrates, CannaCruz is a great place to buy from.

Visit CannaCruz


Service You can Find in San Jose

Do you want a trustworthy Best weed delivery Santa Cruz service that offers high-end cannabis products? How about one which offers on-demand delivery as well? Therefore, if that is so, you need to try out Eaze.com, the marijuana delivery service that makes buying cannabis from home safe and simple.

If you’re looking for medicinal cannabis delivery or recreation delivery in the Santa Cruz area, Eaze.com is tough to match. Eaze.com provides an excellent array of flowers and pre-rolls. What differentiates them apart from the rest is their choice for edible chocolate and teas.

The orders are fulfilled when you shop on Eaze.com through Eaze’s retail partners.  These partners are completely licensed dispensaries, and their workers handle all deliveries effectively. This platform provides you with a broader range of weed you can choose from if you are purchasing at a single dispensary, while still offering invaluable product selection and healthy consumption education.

A broad range of cannabis products available at Eaze include vapes, edibles, flowers, pre-rolls, juices, tinctures, concentrates, and more. Each product is color-coded on the website to show what kind of cannabis it contains, and what kinds of effects you might expect to experience. Yellow refers to Sativa products; blue refers to Indica products; green refers to Sativa and Indica combination products, and purple refers to non-psychoactive CBD products.

Visit Eaze.com

BioMass Garden

Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

BioMass Gardens is an online weed shop that delivers exclusively by mail order in Santa Cruz. Originally, the dispensary sold medicinal marijuana to eligible patients and has now begun selling recreational cannabis, too. They have a wide variety of cannabis products, from flowers and edibles to traditional medicinal tinctures and topicals. They also store various Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and pure CBD items that are equally diverse.

The greatest thing about the BioMass Gardens is that their 24/7 customer support is there to help you out, whether you’re a just a starter or need some guidance. Depending on the desired results, they also help you determine what kind of cannabis product to purchase.

Overall, for anyone looking for tips on the best weed experience, BioMass Gardens is a solid option.

Visit BioMass Gardens


7 Best Weed Delivery Services from Dispensaries in Santa Cruz

kind people is one of the best weed delivery Santa Cruz service that offers same-day delivery. The company was launched in 2015, and they have expanded their operations to the entire Santa Cruz county. They have a flexible delivery service that brings the best cannabis products to your door within a short period.

They have 30 different strains available in flower form right now. Some of the most common strains in the country are stored in KindPeoples. Strawberry Fields, Lemon Drop, Yolo Berry, and the all-time favorite, Durban Poison, are among their best-selling strains. Some fantastic smoking alternatives, such as edibles, concentrates, and vapes, are also stocked. They have topical creams and ointments if you’re looking for medicinal pain relief.

At very cheap rates, KindPeoples typically has internationally popular strains. Also, for all of their products, they run discounts and promotions. From crispy cookies and chewable tablets, their edibles range from chocolates, mints, and gummy candies. What’s great about KindPeoples is that they have their own KindGenetics cannabis production and testing facility. They still test new products and attempt to enhance the consistency of their current lineup of products.

Visit KindPeoples

Selecting the Best Weed Delivery Santa Cruz Service

In areas where marijuana is legal, cannabis distribution continues to grow as an industry throughout the United States. Although California leads the way, in towns such as Santa Cruz, San Jose, delivery services are not far behind.

How do you know which delivery service is right for you, with the presence of many weed delivery services in Santa Cruz? It’s necessary to take into consideration some factors when looking for the right Best weed delivery Santa Cruz. They are the product menu, delivery speed, and quality.

 It is very vital to know the product selection that the dispensary provides. The variety on their menu will matter to you if you love to experiment with different strains. Although there are limited deals from some dispensaries, others have almost all you may want now or later. And before you buy for the first time, go through their product list. Prioritize those that have a good variety because you may subsequently want to try different products. Often, ensure that they have goods that are thoroughly tested and of good quality.  

Another thing you need to ensure from a dispensary is to make sure that they have a fast delivery service. Check if they produce in your region and find the planned timelines as well. Do also take a close look at their delivery charges because they can dramatically raise the price. If you live in or near Santa Cruz, Bud.com would be a good decision.

The dispensaries mentioned above, for me, have all those qualities. I know I can trust these providers to deliver my favorite cannabis products easily and safely. In conclusion, once you start buying, stick to these Santa Cruz weed delivery services for your protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does weed delivery work?

Weed delivery works a lot like pizza delivery or ordering from Amazon. Cannabis delivery makes it easier to get access to the products you want on time . Normally, you simply place an online order at a licensed shop. Some dispensaries provide in-house distribution services, while others rely on specialist cannabis delivery systems to support their dispensaries.

Which weed delivery service is the best?

Delivery services differ by price, hours of operation, delivery times, minimum orders, service areas, choice of menus, focus on menus, and degree of customer service. Bud.com provides a sleek experience, though, as they put together most of the entire Santa Cruz approved weed distribution providers, online weed shops, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries. They also offer delivery the same day or next day and give you special coupons and discounts, particularly as first-time buyers.

What cannabis products can I buy?

The options are unlimited. This implies that you can pick from a wide range of brands and components – Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid if you decide to go for the classic flower. You can go for pre-rolls if you want convenience – which are also available in a range of brands and components, including CBD. Vapes, concentrates, gummies, mints, chocolates, juices, tinctures, sublingual drops, pills, topicals, and more are other things you can also purchase.

How many marijuana am I lawfully permitted to possess?

Typically, in a legal state like California, you can get up to an ounce shipped, but state laws or local regulations can differ. The limits for patients with medicinal cannabis could also be higher than the limits for adult users. Different restrictions for different forms of cannabis products also exist. In California, for instance, edibles contain one ounce of flower, 8 grams of extract, and 1000 mg of THC. You are permitted to get up to 8 grams a day whether you want vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, or topical ointments. When you hit your order cap, your delivery service will let you know. Deliveries are also often restricted, per venue, to once a day.

How much is an ounce of weed?

Weed prices differ depending on quality, state of purchase, brand, and form of the product. In Santa Cruz, you can get high-quality products from a range of $160 to $260 per ounce.

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