Best CBD Strains for Couples Arousal and Sex

Best CBD Strains for Couples Arousal and Sex
Ray SHakuri

Ray Shakuri

Updated on 07-01-2021

Setting aside the general belief about chocolates and oysters, there is a new aphrodisiac in town to help jazz up things in the bedroom. Yes, you guessed right; cannabis. It’s no longer a secret that a hint of CBD can help take your sexual pleasure to a whole different level.

Want to know why?

In recent research about CBD strains’ benefits in and out of the bedroom, 65% of people claim that best strains for sex while using best cbd for sex was more pleasurable. Additionally, choosing the right strain will help you experience the lost mind-blowing sexual experience, regardless of the kind of mood you’re in. Getting curious? Then let’s get to it.

Best CBD Strains for Couples Arousal and Sex

What is the best CBD strain for couple’s best edibles for male arousal and sex? The best strain for sex are:

  • Strawberry cough
  • Sour diesel
  • Trainwreck
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Northern Lights
  • Wedding Cake
  • Mimosa, and more.

In recent years, the legal market has been filled with several topicals, solutions, and suppositories to provide sexual pleasures to users. Undoubtedly, these products are very effective; however, smoking pot or burning some spicy flower can be equally effective when you’re ready to get in the mood.

However well the canna-sexual market is doing, it seems to be missing the most important part- dosage and enough data to guide users. Puffing off a pre-roll before or during sex is great, but there’s barely any information on the best kind or amount to enhance sexual pleasure for different genders.

Which is why you get questions like what is the best CBD for sex? Are all strains equal when it comes to arousal? What are the best edibles for male arousal? And the list goes on. Not to worry, as these are questions I’ll be answering later in this article. For now, let’s get you started with the most important part.

Best CBD Strains for Couple's Arousal and Sex

Best CBD Strains for Couples Arousal and Sex

There are so many strains that claim to enhance male and female arousal, some of which come with complicated names or content. This can be quite confusing and intimidating, or downright underwhelming, especially when they end up not working. In worse cases, it might start getting in your head.

But we’re here for you! To make this practice a lot easier, we have put together some of the finest and best strains for sex. There’s one thing you must know though; this journey is very personal and intimate and varies from one individual to the other. Our bodies react differently to chemicals; and this journey is determined by how your endocannabinoid system will react with these strains. While it isn’t 100% guaranteed that these strains will work for you, here are the best CBD for sex:

  1. Strawberry Cough

This strain is said to have a sensual aroma mixed with the taste of berry. It gives users creative energy and relaxes the whole body.

Strawberry cough is a sweet strain popular for its high cough-inducing smoke. It has a terpene profile that is high in caryophyllene and limonene with a hint of linalool. It produces a kind of highness that leaves you feeling euphoric, relaxing and ready for getting freaky.

  1. Sour Diesel

If you’re worried about anxiety always messing with your bedroom game, then Sour Diesel is a great choice for you. This strain is one of the limited that will help melt your anxiety away.

Although sour diesel is far from best cbd for sex and has a deep intense aroma, its effect is quick on the brain and long-lasting. We recommend that you pick a few sticks and light it up with your partner outside. That way, the smell won’t kill the mood once you’re inside- that’s if you make it that far.

  1. Trainwreck

This is a hybrid strain with 16-17% THC content, which is relatively low compared to other strains. This makes it ideal for couples who are considering introducing cannabis to their lovemaking life.

Unlike its name, this strain offers chilling effects and requires a little more to get totally high. Those who have been in the game may require two bowls of this strain before feeling the giggle-inducing effect. This makes it perfect for first-timers or pot-head partners looking for a slight head change before getting into action. Since its THC Content is low, you need not worry about getting too high and unable to perform.

  1. Granddaddy Purple

If you’re looking for long and more soothing sexual experience, then this Indica strain is the ideal option for you. It has beautiful purple buds with a berry flavor that puts you in a sensory mood without making you feel too high.

With just 17% THC, Granddaddy purple puts you in a completely relaxed state. Additionally, this strain contains Pinene, which has pain-reducing property, making it ideal for any best strains for sex you wish to engage in. Remember, it’s totally fine to get wild with it!

  1. Northern Lights

While this strain has a relatively low THC content, it still exists as one of the best sex enhancers due to its delicious herbal and earthy aroma when lighted. From the moment it is lighted, it provides that sensory effect that keeps you feeling euphoric, and when it finally kicks in, your body will begin to buzz with euphoric sensation. This particular reason is what makes it ideal for lovers who are into extended foreplay.  With this strain, you’ll want to take your time and savor every moment, making you a great sex partner.

  1. Wedding Cake

This strain is somehow new to the game. An Indica-dominant hybrid strain which is perfect for relaxing you out, and filling your senses with a gush of euphoria. This strain has a high THC content of 23-25%; hence, it is advisable to consume it with care and consideration.

Its earthy herbal flavor with a dash of vanilla will keep your mouth wet, rather than feeling dried out. As the name suggests, this strain is ideal for long and romantic honeymoon weekends, but don’t be deceived by its name and domestic feel. This strain can also be called Pink cookies.

  1. Mimosa

This is a hybrid strain with a cross between Clementine and purple punch and high terpene limonene level. This hybrid strain is known for its inspiring properties and intense effects, as well as a calming and relaxing vibe.

Once it gets to your head, it throws away that negative feeling of anxiety and worries, replacing them with a warm euphoric feeling. For partners who have trouble with negative self-talk during lovemaking moments, this strain can help eliminate those feelings.

Choosing the Right Strain

Best CBD Strains for Couples Arousal and Sex

There’s nothing like a perfect strain for all- at least not yet. Think of it like searching for the “perfect” condoms or sex toys for all- there’s no such thing. Instead, you’ll find various shapes and sizes on the market so that everyone can shop with preference. Hence, answering this question is dependent on three major factors: what you like, what you need, and what situation you need it for.

Do you like to feel energized and enjoy pleasurable feeling? Then a hybrid strain will give you this feeling. If you’re feeling too anxious, you may want to try a strain with high CBD content. Do you want to increase your sensory experience with your partner? Try an Indica strain. If you’re looking for a hint of creativity with energy, then Sativa is your go-to, and so on.

When considering the best strains for sex, you must choose one that will work with the mood you’re trying to get into. It may even be better if you and your partner smoke entirely different strains, depending on the role you both are trying to get into. You’ll also find that cannabis best edibles for male arousal is quite different for female arousal.

However, there’s one thing you should worry about, and that is getting too high or wasted, which can ultimately increase effects, making you too lazy and weak to want to have sex. If you’re an experienced smoker, you can limit yourself to two to three hits just before getting to it. For new timers, one hit will do just fine to get you in the mood.

Are all strains equal when it comes to arousal?

No, they’re not as minute as the different aroma of each strain can have some influence over the type of highness you experience. In addition, too much of an Indica-dominant strain can lead to couch-lock instead of action. You may end up feeling too heavy or generally weak for best cbd for sex.  Sativa Strains, on the other hand, are known for enhancing energy and opening up your senses. All strains are never equal- in the height of arousal, in their level of highness, and their stimulating property.

Best Edibles for Male Arousal

This is one of the utmost frequently asked questions which we have decided to answer below. Some of the best edibles for male arousal include:

  • CBD Dark Chocolate truffle 200mg
  • CBD Dark Chocolate Squares (29mg, 60mg)
  • THC Dark Chocolate Expresso Minis 100mg
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 10mg
  • Dark Chocolate Koko Gemz 100mg

Which is better: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

There’s simply no straight answer to this question. There’s no right or wrong, better or inferior strain for sex and arousal. Choosing the best strain for your sexual encounter will depend on how your body responds to each specific strain, as well as the kind of mood you’re aiming to achieve.

Now that you’ve had an understanding of the best strains for sex, you should be able to get under the sheets without worries or negative feelings! And if you’re new to the sex-cannabis exploration, you might want to try solo to know your reaction to the product. Also, start slow and go slow. Getting too high is not a great idea, and having water and lube by the side is not a bad one.

With these, you should be able to get started on your CBD-for-sex experience. Finally, be sure to buy from a reputable vendor- and have fun while at it!

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