All New Pax 3! Either Wax OR Flower! Amazing Design

  • Category: Get baked
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: Apr 29, 2021

What I love about PAX is that they have devices for vaping fresh flower or waxes, as well as options to vape cannabis oil in premeasured ‘pods’. PAX ERA Pods combine better wicks with leak-resistance to allow for variable temperature control, delivering the most flavorful and satisfying taste out there.

What attracts so many people to vapes is the convenience factor. Unlike bongs and joints, the process is too easy. Just pop in a pod, and you’re set. In addition to providing a no-fuss experience, PAX Pods allow you to take it with you on-the-go with absolutely no smell. It's about the size of a USB or a marker, slipping your PAX-in with your phone, wallet, and keys is simple.

100% cannabis and 100% goodness. 

Using heat powered by a battery, vaporizers transmit cannabis’ active ingredients (THC and CBD) without burning hens' no smell. The PAX ERA uses concentrates called ‘pods.’ Because pods are part of the deal with this model, PAX takes great care in choosing top-notch oils. Oils are the same as wax cartridges, sometimes a little more potent.

These are extremely easy and convenient. They do cost more than the usual flower, but you'll get MUCH more out of a concrete pod. I haven't tried the flower one myself. These are also very discrete-looking smoking devices. They look exactly like a USB device not like normal wax cartridge pens. I've also found these have the best tasting THC vapes out there. IF you really want the flavor of a strain, get a pax. They're not sold at some dispensaries, but give it a check.