Berner And His Cookies Cannabis Monopoly


Cookies have been one of the most OG dispensaries out there. They have been selling in California for the past several years. Entrepreneur Berner, who used to be a Miami rapper next to Wiz Khalifa. His weed "Girl Scout Cookies" has been one of the top-selling strains in the world. Cookies are like a base for everything weed. Cookies are the OG bud people smoked.

Where Did They Come From?

They started out in their garage funny enough, in San Fransico. Once everything took off in the weed world they had to jump on the opportunity. They went from being in their garage to being the biggest growing weed dispensary. They have one goal in mind for their business; "Authenticity and Innovative Genetics" There's no way you've never heard of  if you've ever been smoked out by a friend, there's a good chance you've tried it. The weed has the most genuine weed taste and smell. This is the original weed.

His Story

They have locations all along the west coast, most being in California. Cookies of course offer other strains and products as well. These include other large strains like Pink Rozay and London Pound Cake. These strains and products are some of the top-shelf weed. Doesn't get much better than this. 

They continue to grow exponentially every year with more and more people getting into smoking weed. They have locations in all California Major cities (LA, San Diego, Oakland and San Fransico). Going from R&B to making one of the most prestigious weed dispensaries out there. Impressive. These products are some has. Find a local location where you can check out their products. They have super helpful people on stand-by to help as well as really cool store designs. Check out for more info!

Stay High