Best Vape Pens for 510 Oil Cartridges: Cannabasics #102


Pot culture started in the early '40s. Jazz players were more open to the plant. The Beatniks in the 1950's were next then the hippies 10 years later. Nowadays it's everywhere in pop culture. Vapes have also made appearances with some celebrities. Miley Cyrus and Dave Chappelle have been open about their use with vapes.

The Beginning Of Vapes

When Colorado legalized cannabis back in 2014, vapes were making %6 of sales compared to today's numbers. In California, vape sales have skyrocketed to 77% of concentrate sales. No doubt flower had some competition for pop-culture dominance.

Vaping is becoming as huge.


When buying a cartridge you always want to make sure it's real. There have been fake cartridges that have been sold to people that end up very sick. Dispensaries offer codes on each product that you buy that you type into their site to make sure what you have is safe.

So Why Get A Vape?

They have a couple of advantages over different concentrates. It's extremely discreet. No smell filling up the house or having to deal with ash. All you have to do is grab it hit it then right back into your pocket. It's extremely useful and easy to use. 

Check out local dispensaries and their vape cartridge products!