Blunts vs Joints vs Splifs. Whats The Difference?

  • Category: How to roll
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: May 16, 2021

Blunts vs. Joints vs. Splifs

Think of blunts as chocolate ice cream and joints as vanilla ice cream. Splifs are like chocolate and vanilla swirl. It's kinda like the two of them combined.

What's the difference?

Joints as everyone knows are weed rolled up in a paper. Simple as it gets.

Blunts on the other hand are tobacco leafs filled with weed getting you the tobacco taste and the weeds high. You can either buy these as cigars and dump out the tobacco inside or you can buy a full tobacco leaf and rip off sections for every blunt. The leafs are usually a foot or two long which gives about 15 blunts per leaf, kinda cool.

Splifs are like swirled ice cream. It's a joint paper mixed with grounded-up weed and tobacco. These are like blunts but more intense being you're smoking more tobacco. Each of these are more common in some places vs others.

It's Up To You

For example, splifs are more common in Europe being people are its waste full making joints and blunts arent that loved. In North America, you don't see that many people smoking splifs. Blunts aren't for everyone, nor are joints. Some like the flavor of the blunt backed with the weed were others like the light taste of joints without the hard-hitting tobacco leaf. Splifs aren't the most popular here in America, but there are tons of different smoking devices you can find here. Vapes, edibles, bongs, blunts, even gravity bongs! Splifs are usually for people who smoke cigarettes. It's a joint combined with a cigarette.

All of these are based on preference. Blunts are more difficult usually to roll (which we have a video for if you need to learn how!), whereas some like the simplicity part of joints. IF you want to learn how to roll any of these, we have videos on how to roll all three.