Budtenders Tell Us Their Favorite Cannabis Strain | Ask A Budtender

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  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: Apr 03, 2021

What's the best strain for laughter?

Smoking cannabis is centered around the idea of doing something to raise your spirits in different ways, but what's the best strain for laughter?

In today's world, it's important to keep your head up. Laughter is the most powerful stress reliever of them all... that's up for debate.  

Lightening up

One study has come to the forefront of things to do at home, yoga. It's something anyone can do and it's very good for stress relief.

Try pairing a good strain of cannabis with a yoga workout. I'm not into yoga or stretching but I'm impressed with what this has helped with. With personal back issues, I've found just 10 minutes of stretching and poses amazing results in my posture, stress, and body toning. Making my favorite strain was the perfect combo. Mind and body relaxation can really do wonders. I've found for myself a good indica helps relax the body making some stretches easier.

How to know which strain is the perfect laughter medicine?

Do some research on your local dispensary's site of the products they have. They have charts and all of the information about it as well as some recommendations. Try maybe a gram or a pre-roll to see how you like the strain. Everyones different so don't buy too much without knowing if you like it. Sativas are usually more laughter/energy high, but it's a fine-tuning process.

Top recommendation- Cookies