Can THC or CBD Help Anxiety? Defiantly

  • Category: Health
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: May 20, 2021

How Can Cannabis Help Anxiety?

Anxiety has been ruling over people with the constant feeling of being worried. Luckily there's been research on how weed/cannabis can help keep your mind settled. Though there is little evidence that shows how effective cannabis is in treating anxiety, thousands of people have tried it to relieve their symptoms. With the legalization of recreational use, it is now widely available to more people.


THC and CBD work a little differently than each other but tie very close together in cannabis. THC is more or less the older brother to CBD. THC helps the body relax. This is fantastic when one is needing a more natural pain reliever. CBD is more mild compared to THC. It doesn't have a "high" been has been extensively researched as a great way to have a level and healthy mind. When you combined these two it's the best of both worlds. 

Anxiety attacks literally take over your mind and body. You feel hopeless and in fear. These two (THC and CBD) can significantly help out when in a bad situation. The body relaxation of the weed with the mental relaxation of the CBD makes a great anxiety-killing combo. Doesn't matter if you smoke a joint, take an edible or a big dab. It'll all deliver the natural chemicals to you and get you back on your feet.

Should I Try It?

When feeling anxious throughout the day, try smaller doses (microdosing) once or twice a day. This just the edge off of the weight on your shoulders. If you're feeling like you're about to have a panic attack or in the middle of one. Higher doses are going to help much more. Delivering a higher dose will relieve a much higher emotional level. Everyone different, the best way to know how to find the perfect dose is going to the smallest (usually 5mg) and rising from there.