FDA Plans On Banning Backwoods And Other Blunt Wraps

  • Category: News
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: May 14, 2021


When the joint just doesn't do enough for you. Blunts are tobacco wraps people usually buy to dump out the tobacco and fill it with weed. The FDA has something to say about it.

This past Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration said they plan on banning all menthol-flavored cigarettes and flavored cigars, starting 2021. Backwood is the most popular. This is because of a lawsuit with the African American Tabacco Control Leadership council. One of the leading reasons is kids are starting to use them to make marijuana blunts. This is a very preventable solution being this is the #1 preventable health problem in the US. This ban would be affecting many users who fill them with weed

What Does The FDA Have To Say?

The FDA is saying they don't want to keep having people have horrible health issues when there's a simple solution. “For far too long, certain populations, including African Americans, have been targeted and disproportionately impacted by tobacco use. Despite the tremendous progress we’ve made in getting people to stop smoking over the past 55 years, that progress hasn’t been experienced by everyone equally.”

State attorney generals backed the ban on blunts saying they don't think drug dealers will starting selling them. If this ban is finalized, I have a good feeling plugs are going to start selling them being how popular they are. Backwood had been popular in the '70s following a ban on cigarettes makers agreed upon to make small cigars, leaving them out of the ban.

Will this Ban work? Will it go through? Being how popular they are I guarantee people will find ways to get their hands on them. This would again go into effect starting 2022. That gives plenty of time for people to either stock up or find a new way to get them to sell. Guess we'll have to see how it all ends up.