Getting A Delivery With Ease! How To Get Your First Delivery


When ordering with whatever service of your choice, there are some things you should expect before checking out. Let's take a look at the ordering process.

Wha Youll See

  • What products are there?
  • Types of delivery
  • How can you pay? Cash or Card?
  • Delivery changes 


There's a bunch of products you can find for delivery. THC and CBD products as well as some other things. When shopping for THC products you have Vapes, Flower (tree), Extracts, Prerolls (joints and blunts), Edibles, and more. 

  •  Vapes are E-cigarette like devices that burn THC extracts (wax) in a small pen-shaped cartridge. These offer many flavors and strains. The high will be more potent the longer/more you hit it. Like weed but trust me, this is some strong stuff. The best pro for vapes is they don't smell unlike burning a joint. Very discreet and small. You'll need a battery with it which you can also find online as well as in local smoke shops. Vapes $45-$80 for 1g
  • Flower is the tree itself. The og way to get high. You can find many strains of indoor and outdoor weed. Prices vary
  • Extracts are sort of condensed tree that's in honey like form. These come in little cups that you scoop out to take dabs with. Dabs are more of an intense way to get high. They offer all original stains in these. Extracts $30-$60
  • Edibles are cannabis in food. Chocolate, oil, candy, cookies, brownies, and more. All will be the same dosage being California only allows 10mg servings in 100mg packets. If you smoke a lot, 10 might be too little. Edibles $30-$50


Pre-rolls are tree rolled up into a joint or a blunt that once you buy, you can smoke. Dispensaries do offer more products including ones with CBD. These come in creams, oils, tinctures and more. 

Once you find what you want, you'll need to send the dispensary a photo of your ID card verifying you're legal to buy. This will be explained on the site. After getting verified you'll be able to choose if you want to pay with cash or a card. Places like Caliva and some others offer card payments, but usually, it'll have to be cash. This will be clarified before placing your order.

Once you place your order, it'll usually take 20min-3hours. It's always a good idea to order the weed a good amount of time before wanting to smoke it. You'll be able to track your order as well as get text updates of where your order is. 

When the order arrives, get lit! This process can be confusing to use for the first time, but after once or twice it'll be much easier to remember the steps.

Stay High