Growing Your Own Weed In 2021! Guide How-To

Growing Weed

Growing weed and weed has been illegal for so long there are not many solid techniques to grow weed the best way possible. Here some things you should know before buying your own plants.

Can You Grow In Your State?

Being that it's still illegal on a federal level and certain states don't allow it at all, you need to check if you can grow/how many plants you can have. An example is in California, you can have up to six plants if you're 21 and over. Some states allow 12, some allow 3. Some allow medical, others allow medical and recreational. if you know you can grow in your state, here are some of the most important things to know before growing.

  • Indoor or outdoor, growing can be a challenge that takes money and patience. When starting out, the weed is either a seed or a clone plant. A seed is a seed and a clone is a clipping of a mature plant that is removed to make another plant.
  • Determine if you want to grow indoors or outdoors. They're different in a couple of ways including supplies. Indoor weed plants usually take more effort but can be more potent and tasty.
  • It can take up to 32 weeks to fully grow a plant. This including daily checks and maintiance.
  • The flowing stage is when you will usually see the most change like a flower blooming.
  • Weed is grown in warm, humid conditions. Not something you can really do in the winter unless done indoors.


When picking the strain you want to grow, it can be a little difficult choosing the right one. Plants need light, water, airflow and nutrients. Some strains require more light and water, where others require more light and airflow. Seeds and clones can be purchased at dispensaries after a small ID check. If you happen to have more questions about growing, budtenders will be able to inform you on more specifics.

Remember, this process takes time, energy and money. Once you have a plant grown and mature you'll be able to harvest the weed/buds off of it. Don't buy a plant thinking you'll get weed right away. You can buy mature plants, but that's more under the table. Plants can defiantly help you save some money as well as get more seeds from your original plant and grow more. Remember the state restrictions and federal laws when growing.