How To Travel With Weed? Flying or Driving? Rules Of Weed Travel

  • Category: How to roll
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: Apr 30, 2021

Did you know you can travel with cannabis? Either concentrate or flower. There are some rules that you need to follow obviously. When traveling there's strict rules when it comes to having weed with you. Follow these simple rules and you'll have an amazing trip (get it haha)


-You can carry up to 1oz of flower (28g) in your case or 8g of concentrates. If you don't follow this and bring more you could face possible jail time. It's a big deal everyone should know that.

-Stay at a 420 friendly hotel. California has limits on smoking in public, so finding a nice hotel you can burn at will be nice.

-Follow open container laws. If you plan on driving, you need the product sealed and in the trunk of the car, same as alcohol. When on a plane it's the exact same but must be in your suitcase. Use common sense, don't get in trouble for being dumb.

-KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. This is big mostly when traveling in a car. First off, don't smoke in the car or drive high. Both will end badly. When in the right, cops can't search the car unless there's a reason they see off the bat (open container, weed smell, impaired driving). 

“I’m invoking my right to remain silent.”

“I want an attorney."

"Am I free to leave?"

"I do not consent to a search" (Again, if they don't have a reason why, say no)


-Don't cross state lines with weed on you at all. Laws change state by state and if you end up driving through somewhere that weed is highly illegal. You're done for. This is a federal law.

-Don't travel in a car that smells like weed. Self-explanatory.

-Don't fly commercial with weed.  Airports fall under the jurisdiction of the feds and the TSA. If they find your stash, they’ll call the cops. Sometimes TSA will be lenient if you forgot to pack your dab pen away, but if you have a whole joint or something larger like that, you're going to have a hard time.

-DONT mail yourself or friends weed. The post office is a federal facility. They can check and have you in some deep sh*t.

Remember, just because it's legal in California and it's super chill and lenient here, doesn't mean other places are like this. Be careful and follow the rules specific to have a safe and easy flight.