Inflammation And How Cannabis/CBD Can Help?


Having bad inflammation can put someone in serious pain throughout their whole day. You could keep taking man-made pain killers for it every two hours or you could try different THC products to have a natural pain killer. The best solution found is a little plant that's been illegal this whole time. How can CBD/THC help? Is it better than taking pills? What's microdosing?

What Can It Do?

Inflammation is affecting large amounts of people causing chronic health problems that kick them on their ass. When this gets worse, individuals can develop more issues like anxiety and mental stress. Without some kind of treatment, this just gets worse. The modern-day solution is over-the-counter pills that you feel like you're taking 24/7. It's not fun and not good for you. Luckily, we live in 2021. Todays medicine has gone through the roof with the computer age reimagining medicine. Funny enough, the solution is a little plant we've known about for decades. So how can it help?

Being Healthy 

Be conscious of what you out in your body. it may seem like some harmless junk food or sweets, but it affects you. Keeping a healthy diet and keeping up on water (especially in the summertime) will benefit you a lot. If you need, take it one day at a time. Cut off junk food one day, next day consider removing those high-sugar sodas. Keeping a good eating schedule is important as well. One of the biggest things you need is good sleep every night. A good eight hours will get your mind and body ready for the day ahead. Sleep is the one time your body can really rest. It's important to take care of the mind and body all of the time. Now the question is what can cannabis and CBD do to help?

Cannabis and CBD have been researched heavily for the last couple of years. Microdosing is when people take small amounts of something like CBD or THC during their days. These small doses help take the edge off many different plain problems. Taking 5mg-10mg a few times a day can significantly help out with inflammation and pain. Ask budtenders at your local dispensaries to find out what products they recommend you try out first. Everyone different, so some products work better than others.