Micro-dosing Weed/THC. Does It Work And How?

  • Category: Cannabis 101
  • Author: SJ Admin
  • Publish: May 01, 2021

You might've heard of microdosing at one point or another. This is when you take a small amout of something in a daily routine. This is done with small doses of THC (Usually edibles) that is taken by someone is repetition to help things like pain, stress or anxiety. This can also be done with other products like mushrooms and even LSD. This process gives you the small amout of the THC effects not enough to make you high, but just enough to take the edge off. So how does it work?

All edibles in California cannot exceed 10mg THC per serving and 100mg THC per package. Taking a small dose before diving head first into that To-Do list, can really get you through it all. Again, usually people do this in the form of taking very small doses of THC edibles 1-2 times a day. This doesnt mean isnt other ways to do it. You can purchase small pre-roll packs at your local dispensary. These come with small amounts of THC as well, but being that you have to ingest vs. eating the effects will hit you faster and probably not last as long.

Mircosdising is proven to help out plently of people with different problems. I have a friend whos been microdosing THC for the last year for pain. Hes had absolutly no issues with it this whole time. Hes uses it to moderate pain, whcih has interested me instarting to try it. Rmember try with very small doses first if your nervous or want to take it slow. Take a small bite of the edible and wait and see how you feel. This has always been thr golden rule with edibles; Take a little, if your good after 30min take some more. Learn more on some other blogs we have on this topic.