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Updated on 05-01-2021

The Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

Today, anxiety has become one of the most widespread mental health conditions globally, and for this reason, many people are often required to purchase CBD for anxiety.  This brings me to a frequently asked question; what is the best CBD strain for anxiety?

In a simple term, the best CBD strains for anxiety are:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Magic Bullet
  • Special sauce
  • Abacus
  • Lifter
  • Frosted lime
  • Sour tsunami, and
  • Remedy, among others.

Unlike cannabis (the THC flower) which is often ingested to enhance life and feel good, CBD consumers are generally looking for a way to solve a problem or get rid of that terrible feeling of anxiety.

While this is true, there’s something that makes it quite difficult for buyers to purchase these strains. The fact that best strain for anxiety and focus CBD brands are not allowed to make health claims regarding the potential benefits of their products is somewhat tiring.

The Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits associated with this; however, it makes it quite difficult for consumers who are new to this treatment and are looking for the best way to remedy their situation.

Imagine a scenario where a new consumer is trying to treat best CBD strains for anxiety but can’t differentiate between the CBD for anxiety and pain relief. Exhausting right?

But not to worry. Through this article, I’ll guide you on finding the best strains for anxiety and focus. In addition, there are some similarities between the most effective strains that you’d be required to know, as well as a few slight differences that will impact your decision-making process for your specific condition. Sound good? Let’s get to it!

What to Expect

The Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

While best CBD strains for anxiety can possess some pretty effective qualities, it’s always advisable to start treatment slow and expect subtle changes over time. The intensity of your situation is not a measure of how much treatment you should ingest.

Instead, start slow and watch how these subtle changes will facilitate better mood and behavior effects, helping you further reduce cbd for anxiety.

Always remember that several factors can cause anxiety, so it is better to first fix the root cause before attempting to manage the symptoms.

As I mentioned earlier, there are different best CBD strains for anxiety strains available on the market. Hence, it would be best if you found the CBD strain that works best for you. Once you do this, you’ll start enjoying the calming and soothing effects of CBD. Moreover, smoking is perhaps the fastest method of ingestion, and you’ll get the effects almost immediately.

Once you ingest CBD, you begin to feel a sense of calm that develops slowly in your lower and upper back muscles. Once your tense muscles relax, you’ll begin to feel the psychological effects of this strain.

Effects may include an improved mood, where your mood gets boosted, and you feel energized, so much that you feel ready to take better control of your environment. Other effects may involve best strain for anxiety and focus you feeling very chilled out, where you get a heavy feeling that automatically prepares you for sleep

Best CBD Strains for Anxiety

The Best CBD Strains For Anxiety

There are several types of CBD for anxiety you’ll find on the market. And we understand how difficult it may be, selecting the best strain for anxiety and focus. To make your choice a lot easier and faster, we have made a list of the best CBD strains for anxiety, and have categorized them into day time and nighttime strains.

Let’s start by when you prefer to smoke your bud. Suppose your anxiety level heightens after your day’s work or in the evening. In that case, it may affect your sleeping patterns, causing insomnia or making you stay awake at night. In this case, you’ll most likely need a CBD strain that reduces your anxiety level while still putting you in a great position for sleep. We shall be discussing this shortly.

Generally speaking, it is recommended that you look for strains which are rich in the terpenes beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, and terpineol. Your CBD vendors should inform you of some kind of terpene breakdown in their strains, either in the product description or lab result. That being said, here are the best CBD for anxiety at nighttime:

  1. Remedy

This is a 14% CBD strain with little or no psychoactive side effects. It has a lemon-pine aroma and is mostly recommended by users due to its ability to give you this chilled and mellowed down feeling, without the intense heat and body effects.

  1. The Wife

This is a very powerful best CBD strains for anxiety strain, which means that the THC percentage must not go above 3%, else it will be considered cannabis.

This is a perfect strain if you have insomnia, as well as muscle or joint pain. The wife gives you full-body relaxation, which goes from softening your muscle and relaxing your shoulders, to a soft release of your eyebrows as it creeps to the crown of your head.

  1. Bubba Kush

Like the wife, Bubba kush must not go beyond 3% or is considered a cannabis flower. It has a citrus and lime scent and is highly recommended for its pain-relieving property in treating migraine, muscle tension, spasms, joint pain and more.

In addition, if you have a tough time falling asleep at night or suffer from stress, Bubba is perhaps the best option for you.

  1. Special Sauce

The total THC percentage can go a little above 3%. Effects include calming and mind-relaxing properties. It starts in the neck and shoulders before going down to your legs and lower body. Finally, it gets to your mind and strips it of out negative thoughts and mental ghosts.

If you want to add a sense of calmness to your evenings, this is most likely a suitable option for you.

  1. El Jefe

The THC percentage of this strain must be equal to or lower than 3% to be acceptable. When smoked, El Jefe is very relaxing and has a slight euphoric effect that gives you a sense of calm and happiness.

It’s also great for people with sleep problems and pains as its best strain for anxiety and focus come quickly and last for a reasonably long time. Common uses include pain, insomnia, depression, stress and inflammation.

  1. Magic Bullet

The whole THC may be higher than 3%, however, verify the delta-9 THC for legality. Anything above 3% is now considered cannabis.

Magic bullet works quite rapidly, providing soothing effects against pain, insomnia, CBD for anxiety and discomfort. If you want to stay asleep all night long, this is a great option for you.

The Best CBD Daytime Strains for Anxiety

If your anxiety level increases during the daytime, you’ll want to stay away from strains that will make you feel sleepy or tired. Instead, it would be best if you went with strains that will boost your energy while getting rid of tensions, tensions and social anxiety. Below are few of the best daytime strains for anxiety and focus:

  1. Lifter

A lifter is somewhat new in the CBD game, and it contains little to no THC and an average of 16% best CBD strains for anxiety.

The Lifter has a funky cheese aroma with a hint of fuel (weird right? Lol). Just as the name implies, Lifter works as an uplifting and energizing remedy and doesn’t make you drowsy. It also provides this pleasant “buzz” that keeps you more azure, focus and in the mood to take actions.

If you’re looking for a best CBD choice when it comes to social gatherings, daytime activities and more, there you have it.

  1. Sour Tsunami

This is one of the first high best CBD strains for anxiety to be ever cultivated, and still remains users favorite.  It has a mild and smooth effect on the mind and body. Once ingested, it first relaxes your muscles from any tension, before moving upward to your head where you’ll feel all negativity dissipate. Common uses include social anxiety, pain, stress, depression, and inflammation.

  1. Sour Space Candy

As the name implies, this strain has some sour aroma but comes in handy for people who use it to let go of anxiety signs. It has only a trace amount of THC with 17% CBD. This daytime strain is great at uplifting and focusing. Uses include for anxiety, stress, social gatherings, and more.

  1. Elektra

This is an uplifting CBD strain that makes users energetic, chatty and easygoing. This strain boosts one’s mood while still helping relieve pain and best strain for anxiety and focus without putting you to sleep. It has a more powerful flavor and is more aromatic when compared to Lifter. Great for use in pain, anxiety, stress, depression and inflammation.

  1. Frosted Lime

This is perhaps one of the best you’ll find on the market, providing a noticeable boost in focus and energy. It also contributes to the feeling of confidence and relaxation. If you’re looking for a perfect treatment for cbd for anxiety and stress, and wish to improve focus, then you should totally consider this strain. It is also great for first-time smokers in search of daytime strain.

  1. Hawaiian Haze

This CBD strain has quick-acting effects, which works first by going to your head and ridding anxiety and other blockages. This will, in turn, cause you to feel more comfortable, confident and good enough for social arrangements. According to users, Hawaiian Haze makes them get talkative and energized, this why is it’s not advisable to smoke it right before sleeping.

Is THC Good for Me?

Another alternative or go-to treatment for people who struggle with anxiety is cannabis. Some people will assure you that it is simply the best, based on the surprising effect it has on their ability to do well in public.

Others may argue the fact that it is quite the opposite. Instead, cannabis makes them more anxious, unsettled and paranoid than before, which can sometimes lead to panic attacks and extreme social anxiety.

If you want to use THC for anxiety, you can start very slowly or even try combining some CBD with THC in a 50/50 or 60/40 ratio before eventually diving into it fully.

Now that you know the different best CBD strains for anxiety and focus, you should be able to decide which is suitable for you, be it a daytime strain or nighttime strain. Finally, always remember to verify with your vendors that the CBD buds are legal and laboratory tested.

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