Top 6 Best Weed Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Ray SHakuri

Ray Shakuri

Updated on 02-01-2021

San Jose is a great city with thriving cannabis culture. However, due to Covid-19 occurrence worldwide, the lockdown has limited some of our activities. Regardless of the lockdown, Best weed delivery san jose,many of us are starting to transpire from our home to see what the ‘new normal’ holds for us. Nevertheless, delivery services have become the ultimate resolution in the world of COVID-19. This is because, since the onset of the lockdown, the delivery service in San Jose has boom outrageously.

For busy workers, the disabled, people too shy to go to a retail store or anybody who wants to enjoy these buds’ comfort delivered directly to their door, delivery is great. There is numerous San Jose weed delivery service, but which of the dozens delivery service is best for you?

Many businesses out there are all trying to persuade you that they’re the best in the biz. Some of their meme games are also on point, but the logistics or payment won’t be explained to you. It would be best if you found out which service is sticking to its words. You have to choose what you want out of the delivery service to do so. It’s not that fun to buy from a delivery service. This is because before choosing what to pick, you don’t get to sniff any of the flowers and there’s no personalized consultation. Not every delivery service is great, and some tend to deliver low-quality weed products. This is why it is essential to go for trusted service.

Therefore, in this article, I have outlined the best weed delivery San Jose that you can trust to deliver the best high-quality bud directly to your door.

Why Select Eaze for Weed Delivery San Jose?

Being a resident in San Jose and a weed lover, I have tried several online San Jose weed delivery service. However, stood out to be the best delivery service. They are quite efficient and reliable with the service they offer. They craft the highest quality cannabis products featuring the largest, Best weed delivery san jose most expansive selection of flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls, Caliva has got me covered with all my weed deliver needs.

Some of the best approved recreational cannabis shops and medical cannabis dispensaries in the city are included in their network. For San Jose customers, Caliva is continuously expanding its network and enhancing service quality.

Best Weed Delivery San Jose Service

If you live in San Jose, you can take advantage of the best delivery service outlined below :


Top 6 Best Weed Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Caliva, known for their premium cannabis flower, has been vested in San Jose! Whether you’re seeking for cannabis products or a new strain to try, Caliva is your best bet. Caliva is committed to encouraging individuals to be positive and delighted with their experiences in their decisions. They offer the highest quality, affordable cannabis products, sourced locally in the South Bay from their own flowers. They also sell top-notch cannabis items in San Jose.

Cannabis regulars will find buying a breeze easy once they discover Caliva as they offer the best goods in the area. By arranging an online or phone consultation before you hit the buy button, Best weed delivery san jose will surely feel secure in your purchase. It’s at the heart of Caliva to provide seamless access to cannabis; it’s just cannabis on your terms.

Caliva also offers discreet delivery directly to your doorstep with a broad range of cannabis products. Go to their website and choose your ideal state of feeling for cannabis – from there, you will be led to a selective list of products that meet your needs. Right now, discover what is hot, get personal feedback and explore limitless possibilities.

Visit Caliva

Bento Delivery

Top 6 Best Weed Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Bento Delivery is devoted to the creation of the world’s best cannabis delivery service. That means getting a wider and better range available at quicker delivery times than everyone else, 7 days a week, as they provide same-day delivery. In cannabis delivery, Bento seeks to be the most known brand in the area. By having a broad portfolio of items, they tailor the best experience to every single customer. The highest quality cannabis is laboratory-tested by a third party provided by Bento. They choose cannabis strains from small-batch growers by hand, offering a higher quality that is difficult to attain from mass producers.

What’s best is that they still have a promotional discount going on with Bento Delivery. They are currently offering 20% off on flower varieties and variable discounts on many other products. In addition, during the week, they provide same-day delivery. Their new timetable for delivery is between 9:30 am and 9:30 pm.

Overall, if you’re looking for discounted items and deals, Bento Delivery is a perfect option for cannabis distribution.

Visit Bento Delivery


Service You can Find in San Jose is the delivery service in San Jose that is the most greatly curated selection in the game. Eaze is a platform for cannabis delivery developed and operated by weed nerds, delivery and dank experts. You can’t go wrong here, between their range of Eaze Picks and exclusive offer codes for many products on their platform. Furthermore, Eaze drivers are more like cannabis shuttles, connecting wanton consumers with collectives to legally provide and deliver cannabis products in San Jose.

For every wallet size and experience level, Eaze offers the best THC and CBD items. Skip the queue, and within 1 hour, According to Best weed delivery san jose get Eaze delivered directly to your door. You may also schedule delivery and order curbside delivery for a later time. Overall, due to its impressive product range and quality, as well as its quick and healthy delivery standards, Eaze is my top choice for San Jose cannabis delivery services.


Haze Dispensary

Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Get an uplifting experience in San Jose with the distribution of Haze cannabis everywhere. Haze has you covered with it all with the best, most diverse collection of flowers, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls. Haze is here for all your needs, from edibles to joints, to tinctures and tropical ones.

Haze, which was founded in 2011, is one of California’s oldest legal marijuana stores. The dispensary has expanded its distribution network and product range since its state-wide legalization in 2016. Haze stocks a ton of new and existing growers’ flower strains, including Korova, Fig Farms, Poseidon, and Humboldt Farms. n They presently have 72 strains, with more springing up every season. For its cannabis extract variety, Haze is best known. It includes extracts, such as Banana OG, Ballato, AK47, and Alien Mints, from top strains.

Haze is giving a 5% discount for seniors at the moment and 10% for veterans. In addition, for all of its goods, they run promotions. Overall, for those looking for loads of choices on how to eat their buds, Haze is a solid alternative.

Visit Haze

Cannabis Express

Best Weed Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Cannabis Express aims to introduce some of the best cannabis products to San Jose residents with one of the world’s top cannabis menus. They specializes in rare and exotic flavor profiles of craft cannabis, resulting from a dedication to exploring and cultivating the finest cannabis on the market, Best weed delivery san jose.

They are passionate about offering easy access to top-line cannabis products, and as they aim to deliver the very best product in the state, they boast an unmatched price point. What’s great about Cannabis Express is its hybrid strains with high-THC content. These contain up to 31% THC, a very potent dose. The excerpts, however, are its best sellers. Currently, it has a hybrid, and Sativa concentrates ranging from 69% to 86% THC. There are no concentrations of CBD, but the firm hopes to add some to the list soon.

Overall, for those trying to order anything with a THC-driven uplifting, and energetic high, Cannabis Express is a great option.

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Top 6 Best Weed Delivery Service You can Find in San Jose

Medmen is one of San Jose top-rated delivery services, and with great reason! They works to connect San Jose residents with the perfect THC & CBD productson demand. They are focused on the concept of building a community of cannabis enthusiasts who share similar beliefs about the therapeutic properties of cannabis. Medmen works to meet each individual’s needs, serving a growing community of enthusiastic and loyal members as a result.

For both medical marijuana and recreational cannabis products, Medmen offers several product variants. MedMen provides home delivery and shop pickup at the moment. There are same-day and scheduled delivery options for San Jose delivery network. Medmen has many products from approved cannabis retailers that they can deliver straight to your doorstep, offering delivery in 90 minutes or less. In a moment, you will have the highest quality item delivered to your door. Overall, for someone who likes edible marijuana items, MedMen is a great weed shop.

Visit Medmen

Selecting the Best Weed Delivery San Jose Service

It is a very important problem to select the right marijuana delivery in San Jose because there are so many dispensaries for both your medicinal and non-medical (recreational) needs for cannabis. With the rising number of cannabis distribution services in San Jose, finding one that fits your needs is more difficult. Many distributors are after the money, and they are there to seize and take advantage of innocent consumers. This makes it very important that you have to be clinical and vigilant enough when selecting the right delivery services. But how do you identify the right weed delivery service?
Start by testing the reviews on local supplier websites if you’re wondering how to find San Jose marijuana delivery without compromising quality. Since the industry has a lot of competition, most cannabis dispensaries want to edge over its competitors by providing delivery services. With all these options, it becomes more difficult to find the right service to buy legal marijuana, mainly if you’re buying for the first time. When selecting the best weed delivery service, there are 3 key factors you should look out for: price, quality level and delivery effectiveness.
Price is indeed a major consideration because dispensaries can cover a variety of rates and available offers. For purchasing larger quantities, many look for dispensaries with low prices, daily discounts or price breaks. It’s nice to find an awesome offer on high-quality goods, but price and quality will travel together, as with most consumables. Moreover, a cannabis product’s quality can be difficult to grasp from looking at the product, but not impossible. Even though you can no longer smell or see the product unpackaged before purchase, high-quality cannabis products can be assured by a great delivery service. Several dispensaries also provide your home with quick and easy delivery. You can make your orders online, and someone will deliver them right to your doorstep.
All the delivery services mentioned above most especially, Caliva, have proven to be among the best suited in this category. You can order and purchase all of your cannabis items from these marijuana delivery services in San Jose, considering how the global pandemic is going. Remember to mask up and comfortably enjoy your buds, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does San Jose weed delivery work?

San Jose reigns supreme in the cannabis delivery world. San Jose weed delivery is how you get high-quality weed items without leaving the safety of your own home. With tight working hours, people have become so busy, and they enjoy the comfort offered by delivery services. This is because San Jose delivery services make it convenient and stress-free to procure everything from a medical-grade flower to micro-dosing edibles. There are several weed-dealing dispensaries, and most of them provide delivery services. Some dispensaries have in-house delivery facilities, whereas other dispensaries, such as, have advanced weed delivery services. Place the order through their site and wait until your order arrives.

What is the best San Jose weed delivery service?

I’ve discovered Caliva to be the best in the product quality, pricing, and delivery service over the years. For its San Jose customers, Caliva puts approved cannabis delivery services, online weed shops, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries together on a single platform.

How much marijuana am I legally permitted to own?

For flowers and pre-rolls, each recreational client is limited to 28.5 grams per day, according to California state cannabis regulations. You are permitted to get up to 8 grams a day whether you want vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, or topical ointments.

What types of products can I get?

You can have products delivered right to the comfort of your home, such as edibles, cannabis, concentrates, topicals and CBD products. You can also choose from different brands and components – Sativa, Indica, or hybrid – if you want to go with the standard flower. Other products can also be purchased: concentrates, chocolates, gummies, topicals, mints, juices, pills, tinctures, sublingual drops, vapes, etc.

How much can I tip a delivery service driver?

Many delivery services go all-out to ensure that their workers are reasonably paid, but you can give them 10-20 percent of your order value if you’re thankful to your delivery driver.

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